Risking Death By Lumberjack: A Short and Thankfully Uneventful Story

Just ahead of our departure for San Francisco, we got a passing kiss from Tropical Storm Irma.  We incurred no property damage but watched with bated breath as the tall Georgia pines nearest the house swayed in the forty mile/hour winds.  Weighing the cost of taking the four trees out, versus the cost of repairs should any one or any combination of the four of them fall on the house...we called a local tree service to get an estimate.

They showed up on a recent Monday afternoon.  Y1 knew they were coming but had no idea who they were when they pulled into the drive just behind him.  Their truck was similar to one that our mail carrier sometimes uses on her delivery route.  I was making my way down the front porch and across the yard to them.  Y1 was casually loping down the drive toward their truck.  The exited their truck and things got interesting.

So, these two fellows make their living slinging around heavy chain saws...and the cut wood after all the chain saw slinging is complete.  There's probably some extra curricular weight lifting going on, too.  These guys were seriously ripped.  And they were walking toward me, not really noticing the nineteen year old who was no longer casually loping down the driveway.  Nope.  He had suddenly become much more focused, intentional...almost torpedo like, as he moved to get between them and me. It didn't take long for me to realize what was happening.  His whole body was on point.

I called Y1's name and waved at him as I hustled to get between him and the tree guys.  I waved at him, trying to get his attention.  Our paths all converged at one point in the yard.  I made quick work of the introductions.  The lumberjacks and my boyo shook hands and we got on with business.  The conversation took no longer than fifteen minutes.  Y1 stood just behind me, the whole time...giving the very nice lumberjacks the stink eye...the whole time. 

A couple of days later, I relayed the conversation to my sister.  She pointed out the fact that our very brave blue eyed boyo might have gotten in one swing and those strapping lumberjacks would have dropped him. I shared this conversation with him and then asked him what he thought.  He agreed with his very wise aunt.

And then he said it would have been worth it.

(Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?)