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Unwanted Baggage

The first weekend in December is the winter date for a local sale event that brings folks straight out of the woodwork.  And not just local woodwork, either.  Folks drive up from Florida, over from South Carolina, down from Hot-lanta.  They show up in teams to divide and conquer.  They show up with small U-H*ul trucks.  They're just as likely to turn up the last weekend in April, too, when the spring sale is held.  What's being sold is T*mi luggage.  We have a T*mi factory and a factory store right here in our lovely little town.  If you've done any kind of regular traveling; if you've ever done your research before purchasing new luggage, you've probably come across the T*mi brand.  It's good stuff.  Mr. Snark and I went because we were in the market for a couple of new carry-on size bags. 

Mr. Snark got in the check out line with the bags we chose, while I continued to look around the warehouse.  Mostly at the other people who were there; a fact that should n…

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