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Liviting.  Nope.  It is not a real word.  It is one of my own creation because that's what I'm doing.  To help you define this, I will tell you that it is the opposite of dieting.  I've never liked that word.  Not because of the mental pictures of rice cakes and boiled chicken that pop into my head when I think of dieting but because I have failed at pretty much any diet "program" I have tried.

I did a couple of different rounds of Sl*m F*st. Neither lasted very long. Along the way, I discovered that I am a violent eater.  There is something very satisfying about the crunching action and the crunching sound.  I tried the fat free thing when all those product first hit the market back in the early 90's.  What I discovered about that is fat free doesn't mean calorie free (extra salt and sugar and who knows what else are often added to the product because taking the fat out makes it tasteless).  I also discovered that fat free cheese and fat free mayonnaise …

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