Washing Away the Years

New laundry machines were delivered to YOHOS, Saturday afternoon.  Strange topic for a blog post? Maybe, but you know that we like strange and random around here.  I don't suppose that it's all that big of a deal but let me include this little detail:  the old set was twenty years old.  I got to thinking about those twenty years and it put me in the writing mood.

Twenty years ago....summer of 1997.  We moved to SMALLtown for Mr. Snark's job with a small, local, family (not our family) owned engineering company. I got hired on by the county school system. We had the red Civi* and the green Accor*. The really big news?  We got our first ever internet connection.  And yes, it was dial up!  I monopolized the phone line for hours "surfing the web." It was amazing the amount of information that was at my fingertips.

What wasn't amazing was the hassle of being pregnant in the south Georgia summertime and hanging out at the laundromat. With the start of the school year and Y1's due date fast approaching, there would be little time for sitting at the laundromat. Off to the local Se*r's store we went.  K*nmore won out over the other brands available.  Not sure why.  Most likely, it was price.  Married just five years, one student loan, one car payment and a baby on the way...safe to say that price point was a huge consideration.  We didn't even pay to have them delivered.  A work friend of Mr. Snark's loaded them into the back of his small pick 'em up truck and brought them to the apartment.

In the twenty years since their purchase, we have moved four times, had two babies, buried one parent and five grandparents.  Mr. Snark got his first pick 'em up truck and we got our first mini-van. I had my first fender bender and my first wreck...which totaled the previously mentioned mini-van. Mr. Snark was laid off once. I left teaching. We had the blessing of being a part of three great church families. (Currently blessed by our current one, too!) One appendectomy, one tonsillectomy, one hysterectomy. I've lost count how many outages!  Tee-ball, soccer and football uniforms.  Missing socks unnumbered.  Maybe that's why the agitator stopped working properly.  One boyo graduated from school and on through his first year of college.

We are creatures of habit...K*nmore won the day, once again.  A bit surreal, this time.  We could afford a few more bells and whistles...and even bit the bullet to pay for the old ones to be hauled away.  What else was there to do?  The guy at the store told me that he once had a customer who asked for her old machines to be placed alongside of the house.  He returned, sometime later, to discover that she turned the old washer and dryer into flower planters.  I think not.

Here's to the next twenty years of laundry!!

Mercy...that's not at all uplifting, is it?


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