Word Games

A friend posted this on FB as her daily update and I thought it made a FUN, easy, fluffy sort of post.  It will be short (like me) and to the point (I'm more squishy than pointy), but who says every YB entry has to be in competition for the next, great, Southern novel?  Short, is good...like me :)

"Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer."

Last Name- Morris (My maiden name and a common name around this neck of the woods...folks find that out and want to know if my kinfolk are here...no, no...only the people in my house.)

Animal - Snake (My very first thought.  I tried to come up with something more pleasant, but that just stuck there.  For the record, NOT A FAN!  You can't change my mind about them...don't waste your breath.  You're more likely to get me to eat coconut crusted eggplant...NOT!)

Girl's name - Esther (She's my favorite biblical character.  It means "star."  Such a great story and full of so much solid truth.  Beth Moore's study on Esther is my absolute favorite!)

Color - Red (cranberry, firecracker, candy apple, Rah-Rah.  Rah-Rah Red...my go to color for polishing my tootsie nails)

Movie -  Dead Poets Society (Captain, o my Captain!)

Something you wear- Yellow rain boots (I've always wanted a pair, but when I wear full on boots, I feel like my legs are suffocating!)

Drink - Sweet tea (No explanation necessary.)

Food - Artichokes (Specifically, the hearts...in the spinach dip that my Littlest Friend's mama makes!)

Item in bathroom - Spiders (Daddy long legs, so I don't get particularly freaked out, but they still meet their watery demise.)

Place - Sevierville, TN (Gateway to the hullaballoo that is Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and on up into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The wildfires are burning in that direction and it BREAKS my heart.  Rain is needed so very badly.  Say a prayer or two for my mountains, ok?)

Reason to be late - Every one of my tires is flat! (This dear friends, is not only a reason to be late, but would also be a reason for a good, old fashioned, mascara ruining come apart!  Cars only come with one spare!)

You try.  Have fun!