Mr. Choir

Y2 is trying something new this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  He auditioned for Show Choir and made it!  As an incoming Freshman, no less.  As my mama would say, "Pin a rose on his nose!"  Alas, when schedules were distributed, we found out that Honors Geometry and Show Choir were slated for the same time period!  So, he dropped out of Show Choir and was able to get into the general choir class.  The parent preview was held a couple of weeks ago and it did not disappoint.  Their choir teacher is so very talented and so very, very kind.  He has been eager for Luke to embrace the talent and gift that God has given him in a beautiful voice and musical abilities.  These students will probably be old and gray before they realize just how fortunate we are to have a teacher of this even have choir at all.
 It was Homecoming Week and there were prop frames hanging in the hallway.  The boy actually wanted to pose for a picture...and actually wanted to show those expensively and beautifully straight teeth!
"Make Them Hear You."  My apologies if you have to crank the volume up to hear them.  I am new to the 21st century and the fact that I had the presence of mind to record a video is saying something!
"Wade In The Water."  Y2 and his friend are the only boys in the general choir, but if you'll pardon me for saying so, I think they do a FINE job of making themselves heard.  Y2 was slightly chagrined to realize how much he actually could hear his own voice.  He said that it was probably because the microphone was right in front of him.  Could be OR it's just because he's partly from my side and we don't really know how to sing softly.  I am thankful for the spiritual songs that the children are able to sing.  They have such depth to them and their cultural significance makes them almost untouchable by the powers of political correctness.
Every choir has their closing song, the musical benediction.  My high school choir did.  We always sang "The Lord Bless You and Keep You."  My FAVORITE part was the overlapping "amens" at the end.  Gives me shivers just to think about it!  This choir sings "May The Road Rise Up to Meet You."  Former choir members are invited to sing.  Y1 was hesitant to join in until he saw other male choir graduates.  So there were my two boys...two of my greatest joys...two of my favorite blessings standing side by side, singing a beautiful song.  At that moment, my heart was near to bursting and through my head ran the following thoughts..."O Father in have been SO good to me.  In this particular moment, I don't know that I could withstand any more joy!"  True story, people.  True story.


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