I'll See Your Pomp and Raise You A Circumstance!

So, my plan for last week was to write every day...a running tribute to the Graduating One.  What I didn't take into account (and truthfully, how could I...I've never had a kid graduate high school) was how busy the week would get as we got closer to Graduation Night.  When you have family coming in from five different places on the map, graduation practices, modified class schedules for Y2, a husband who gets back into town a scant 24 hours prior to graduation AND a 90% chance of rain that is threatening to wash out graduation exercises, things get a little hairy.  Thankfully, the rain held off and all who gathered were able to witness a truly precious moment in this Man-Child's life.  I also didn't take into account how absolutely exhausted I would be when it was all said and done.  We waved good-bye to the last set of tail lights on Monday morning and I will tell you no lies, the quiet that consumed the house was bliss.  After running a couple of errands and taking care of MINIMAL chores, I crashed on the couch and stayed there...for three hours.  I should be slightly ashamed to admit that, but strangely, I'm not. 

Enough of that....let's get to the pictures!

 We started the day with Y2's Eighth Grade honors assembly.  On the left is FILove's second-oldest brother...the she in the middle is his wife and she on the end is MILove.  Family reporting in from Swamp Cabbage, FL and KnoxVEGAS.  They are the best of friends.

 Mr. Snark and my Sistah.  She has this particular giggle when he gets her tickled...it makes my heart near to bursting with joy when I hear it.
 Hello Mudder and Dear Step-Fadder!  These crazies made the drive from Michigan STRAIGHT THROUGH...all eighteen hours in one shot.  And once they got here, she proceeded to work herself silly.  It's hard for her to be still and the dusty corners of my house reaped the benefit of her industriousness. 
Thankful for pockets because our hands would surely fall off without them!
 Good work, Boyo!  On to high school!
 Almost as tall as Uncle...and dwarfing his Meemaw and Bubby!
 A brown haired child for her.  He's actually how I pictured all my kids would look, because the genes from her side of the family are SO strong.
 The call that Commencement would...well, commence as planned came at 5PM.  The proceedings started at 7:30.  It was nerve wracking!  Things went so fast at the house that we didn't get any before pictures.  So here's a behind picture of The Graduating One.
 Walking the field...last walk as a high school senior!

 SMALLtown High School, Class of 2016
 It was looming and implying that it would spoil our evening.  A passage from Mark came to my mind...the one that talks about speaking to the mountain, telling it to move and believing that it will.  So, I spoke to that cloud.  What I didn't know was that at their morning practice, some of the students approached their media specialist and asked her if they could pray for graduation to happen as planned and if their principal would lead them in prayer.  There was no rain on our graduation.
 See him mid row behind the ones who are standing?  He's ready...hands on knees, ready to leap to his feet...and into his future!
 As Mama Clump would say, "My baby!  Fab'ulous, fab'ulous! Herc-a-leeze!"
 "You may now MOVE YOUR TASSELS!"
 Our sunset treat...cotton candy colored skies!

 Making his way to get last hugs and handshakes from the faculty and then into the circle for the last high fives from classmates.
 The cotton candy skies gave way to what looked like a thousand torches...it was breathtaking!

 Y1 and his sweetheart...code name:  Stickers.  I don't have the words to tell you how precious she is or how happy she makes him.  I have no idea what the future holds for them, but I am thankful for these present moments and whatever may come, they will always fill my heart with such gladness.

 Our prom party...such a wonderful group of kiddos.
 My daddy and Dear Step-Mama...pictures of my daddy as a early teen look a lot like Y1 at that same age!
 Uncle, Y1, MILove and Bubby
 The Michigan Grandfolk
 The Graduated One and his Meemi...I remember her dancing his newborn self around my apartment.  Time flies!
 He and these two girlies have known each other since their church nursery days.  Trips back to SMALLtown usually included a visit with one or both of them.  Seemed only fitting to get them together at graduation.

 Remember when I told you about the high school's production of "Charlotte's Web?"  Well, this is the beauty who played "Charlotte." They were pals during their first years of elementary school and it's been nice to see their paths cross as they finish.  Watch for her...I've got a feeling we're going to see her name in lights!
 This is Stickers' mom.  I know why her daughter is who she is...it's because her mom is who SHE is.  The apple...or peach...since we are in Georgia...doesn't fall far from the tree. 
Oh, happy day!  Lord, Jesus...you are so good and so faithful!  Thank you for this time in our lives...help the memories to burn bright and provide joy when the dark days come.  As each of these young men start a new chapter in their lives, protect them...guide them...guard them...fill them with your grace, your mercy and your compassion.  Let them be used by you for your purpose and may they always seek you first.