Once Upon a Web

Any fans of Charlotte's Web?  It's always been a favorite of mine.  I remember watching the movie and reading the book, as a kiddo....and crying because the story is just so sweet.  Well, Y1 and recently had the opportunity to watch the high school's One Act team present a stage adaptation of this wonderful story.  For him, it was extra credit from his British Literature teacher.  For me, it was a chance to have him all to myself with the acute understanding that moments like this are fleeting.  While the getting's good and all that, don't you know? 

Knowing the effect that the book and the 1973 version of the movie both had on me, it should come to no surprise that I was in tears by the end of the play.  Yep, it was just that good.  And I can't explain exactly why.  The story itself is so precious and full of truth...every life is important, the power of an encouraging word, true friendship.  It stirred up memories from my childhood.  It made me wish time would slow down...that Y1 was not so close to flying from the nest...even though that's the natural thing.  Just because it's the natural thing doesn't make it easy, right?

Our high school has a reputation for excellence when it comes to One Act productions.  This year's ensemble did not disappoint. I'm rather biased about our "Charlotte."  She was played by one of Y1's very first best friends and she was....splendid.  Y1 even said that if she doesn't do something with this gift, it would be a crying shame.  After the play, all the little girls were flocking around "Charlotte" to have their pictures taken.  She couldn't have been more adored if she were a D*sney princess!  (She was better than a D*sney princess!)

I guess our little school is lucky to even have this much of a theater program.  In case you were wondering, this kind of thing is important.  We could wax on, ad nauseam, about why our kids need these kind of creative outlets and why our society needs the arts.  We live in a world that is gripped by unspeakable meanness.   For me, productions like this bring a great sense of comfort to my soul.  Being able to share it with my #1 Boyo...well, that's just icing on the cake.

Charlotte's first message to the world, about Wilbur, was "Some Pig!"  Taking her lead, I'll have to say that this was some play!