Farewell, Old Friend

This morning I learned that a very dear and long time friend is lingering on the brink of death.  When I say "very dear," I mean that this friend has been in my life for the better part of twenty years.  We met during our college years in Knoxville.  Our friendship has weathered the march of time...so many changes...new stages...relocations...but this friendship has remained constant.  I can say, with great confidence, they don't make friendships like this anymore.  My friend has been struggling for some time, so when the struggle ends, it will be a relief...of sorts.  Letting go of earthly ties is easier said than done...but all for the best.  Mr. Snark said it is time to come to grips with the reality of the situation.  Painful, yes, but denying the truth of these present circumstances will prove futile and unwise. 

Here's to you my friend...my trusty, loyal, dependable, cheap, Sunbeam coffee machine.  By far, you were the best $10 I ever spent!  I doubt there will ever be another coffee maker that can compare to you. 


  1. Sweet tribute to your old friend!

  2. You kill me!! Love this. Okay, what will replace your ole friend???☕️


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