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Kourtney Kardashian's baby shower.  The on-going dysfunction of Kourtney's (unmarried) relationship with the dysfunctional father of her children.  Kourtney and the other two Kardashian sisters posting vile and tasteless photos of themselves on various social media outlets.  Kim Kardashian's shopping adventures.  The size of Kim Kardashian's derriere...and frontierre...splashed across the cover of a magazine.  Their mother's new boyfriend.  Their estranged step-father's "identity crisis."  Mama and Papa Duggar recreating a photo posted by their newly married daughter.  The obsession with said newly married daughter's wedding....she wore blush and not white...she didn't kiss her new husband in front of the congregation...did they really "seal the deal" in one of the church's rooms between the wedding and the reception....marriage opportunities for the other older Duggar children. 

To "entertainment journalists" everywhere.....ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Crimanitly, you're obsessed!  I'm not joking!  Your obsession is to the point that you might need to check in with a psychiatric professional and get some counseling.  And perhaps, some medication.  Definitely some medication.  And don't skimp on the generics...get the good stuff!

And yes, I'm sure you are offended by me putting your "profession" in quotations.  To be quite frank, there's nothing professional about what you do.  Does it bring you a sense of pride or self worth to write these kind of "articles?"  Do you feel you are making a worthy contribution to our society?  Let me dispel you of that delusion of grandeur...you aren't!  It's not entertaining.  It's frustrating and revolting.  You're magnifying and glorifying so many of the things that have twisted American culture into something almost unrecognizable.  I've seen essays written by eight year-olds that have more journalistic substance! 

Let me sum up The Kardashians for you and you never have to write another word about them.  They are exhibitionist narcissists.  I'd go so far as to say "soulless" but that's not my call.  The more you write, the more you feed the monster.  Don't feed the bears...don't feed the monsters!  You must have missed that part of your early childhood education.  As for the Duggar's, in a family that large, the chance of one or two or eight kids breaking with some sort of tradition/expectation is nearly guaranteed.  I'm no mathematician, but even I can see that statistical probability!  And I don't believe for one second that you are THAT concerned with the marriage prospect for the rest of  The Duggar Nation.  Your feigned astonishment is a bit of poor theatrics.  Try again...or better yet....DON'T!

Seriously, don't!


  1. Unfortunately, they continue to focus on this carp because too many of the readers/watchers eat it up. If more (most) of the general population would stop wanting to know every detail of these so-called celebrities' lives, stop watching the shows and stop buying the magazines, then the overload of oversharing would stop. We, as a whole, need to stop comparing our own lives to the make-believe lives of the 'stars' and appreciate what we have.
    I also think that a lot of what we see is based on the fact that seeing someone else, especially someone famous, fail (the drug use, multiple divorces, out of control behavior) makes us feel better about our own perceived failures. These are just people, no better or worse than the rest of us are, but the ones that are playing out these ridiculous dramas must have some huge self esteem issues of their own, and we aren't doing them any favors by begging to be involved (at a safe distance, of course) in their mental illness.

  2. Amen, sister! And again I say AMEN!!!

  3. I applaud your blog article...as a person (68) with old fashioned values,
    I am sick and tired of these public "sexpots", as if they are some role model for young girls growing up and are parents even interested anymore in teaching old fashioned values, respecting your body, respect for others.....enough already!...I agree, pass the word , don't buy into this garbage!...mm, vancouver, wa.


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