Movie Review: Life is Beautiful

You really need to watch this movie.  Seriously...if you don't, you'll regret it.  Maybe not...but why chance the regrets!  You can find it on Netflix or whatever movie streaming vendor you use.  I remember seeing the hoopla for it at the 1999 Oscars.  But until we found it on Netflix, recently, I never had the opportunity to watch it.  Y1 came home talking about it.  They were watching it in Comparative Religions class.  He was pretty excited about it...and I like to see him excited about what's happening in his classes. 

It's an Italian movie, but there are English subtitles, so don't let the idea of watching a "foreign film" throw you.  I'm sure things get lost in translation, but the humanity of this story shines through...language barrier be danged!  I'm afraid to tell you too much about really need to see for yourself just how wonderful it truly is.  It's set in WW2 era Italy.  Guido is an Italian-Jewish man.  He falls in love with Dora...whom he greets as "Principessa" (Princess) every time he sees her.  They marry and have a little boy named Joshua.  Guido, Guido's uncle and little Joshua are rounded up and put on a train for a German concentration camp.  Dora volunteers to go with them.  Guido goes to great lengths to protect little Joshua from the horrible truth of their situation.  Here's a clip....

Watch'll be glad you did.