Galatians 6:2

Thus say-eth the Word of The LORD to his Yankeebelle (and all his other chi'rens):
"Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ."
Thus whine-th the word of The Yankeebelle to The LORD:
"Father God I have to?  It's hard!!!  It's's uncomfortable!  Sometimes, it makes me really, really angry....mad, even.  My aunt used to tell me that people get angry; dogs go mad.  Well, I am just dog-mad about my One Another's burdens!  I'm talking hot tears streaking down my face!  Vocabulary of an unholy, unladylike nature flies through my brain.  Emotions and attitudes in a rather deep shade of primal come oozing out of my spirit.  And you know what, God?  I kinda scare myself!  And you know something else?  I am acutely aware of how easy it would be to give in to The Dark Side.  And one more thing:  I am also acutely aware of your divine grace being the ONLY thing that keeps The Dark Side at bay!  Did I thank you, today, for that grace???  In case I forgot....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  Seriously, there needs to be another phrase for "thank you" because it just doesn't seem like enough!   My sweet One Another....LORD Jesus...just be large in her life right now.  She needs you...her situation needs you.  There's just so much at stake...probably more than any of us puny mortals truly understand.  We see yesterday...last week...last night...five minutes ago.  We can't see tomorrow and we don't know the whole storyline that you've laid out for our lives.  Give her courage.  Give her strength.  You've written her name in the palm of your've counted the hairs on her've known who she would be since time her to rest confidently in those truths.  Let them echo through her soul...not just rattle around in her brain.  Protect her from discouragement and doubt.  Fill her with your peace.  Your peace is the kind that astounds us...defies the odds...obliterates what appears impossible....she needs that...LOTS and LOTS of it.  Speak truth and wisdom into her heart and shine a light down the path she needs to follow.  She's looking for you and I know that when your children come earnestly seeking, we always find you.  Safeguard the things about her that are most beautiful...her kindness, her sincerity, her joy.   Here's the hardest part of you asking me to help One Another with her burden...I really need to pray for my One Another's Dearly Beloved.  But I don't wanna...'cause he's the one that's got me all dog-mad!  I DON'T WANNA!!!!!!!!  Childish and immature and not anywhere fitting someone in my stage of life...I know.  For the moment, I freely admit that and totally claim ownership.  But I need you to soften my heart toward him because I can't do it...I won't do it.  I don't have that kind of mercy in me.  The situation's a little too familiar...certain skeletons are antsy to come out of their closet.  Please, please, oh please...don't let me be judgmental and ugly toward him because of my past experiences.  He needs to see your me reflect you when our paths cross.  If he can see your love, I know his heart will be changed and his thought patterns will be corrected.  Help him to see how close he is to losing that which should be most dear to him.  Humble his heart and keep his pride from making things any messier.  Help me to remember that his mistakes are no different than mine, in your eyes.  Mine don't define me...neither do his. Nothing is beyond your the resolution to my One Another and her Dearly Beloved's problem is well within your doing.  They desperately need you...desperately!  Thank you, for the friendship and love that I share with One Another.  Thank you for the confidence she has in me to help her bear this burden.  Oh...and thank you,  for being the one who's really carrying it.  In Jesus' name...Amen."

**A precious friend of mine is hurting and that's all you need to know.  Don't ask details...I won't tell...just pray for her.  Help me bear her burden.**