Her First Snow

Where was I in the midst of yesterday's "winter weather event?"  Out running errands!  It was kind of comical to see how things changed each time I came in and out of my various destinations.  It went from suddenly bone dry...to tiny, wet, somewhat solid particles that made a soft ticking sound when they hit my jacket...to larger particles that fell at a faster rate and looked more like actual snowflakes...and then all of the sudden, it was nearly a white out!  Seriously, I was impressed!  I guess folks with better sense might have been deterred by the forecast...obviously, I wasn't one of them...neither deterred NOR with better sense.

I stopped to have lunch and was lucky enough to be seated at a window table.  I ate my lunch and just watched it fall.  Made me think of my growing up years in Michigan.  The first snowfall was always so exciting.  Of course, by February, it was far from exciting when snow was in the forecast.  I don't remember too many days that were called JUST for snow.  There were windchill days.  For those unaware, that means that it is too cold for man or beast.  It's the kind of cold that makes your nostrils slam shut when you walk out the door!  I remember blizzard conditions forcing school closings.  You know it's bad when the snow is falling so hard and so fast that even with all the right equipment, places that are used to snowy winters find themselves sno-verwhelmed!  There were days called because of ice.  Like I said, yesterday, NOBODY likes the ice.  It makes the roads so very dangerous.  It drags down power lines and tree branches...tree branches into power lines.  I have to say, though, it is very pretty...everything shines and sparkles.  I remember one ice storm...it was late...almost springtime.  Some of the early blooming trees had started to bud and then the ice came.  Those first buds were just encased with ice and the trees looked like they were covered with rubies.  We even had fog delays.  My Michigan hometown is along the banks of Lake Huron...where it meets the St. Clair River.  With just the right conditions, the whole town would be wrapped in a misty, grey blanket.  I know I must have looked like a goober to the gentleman at the next table because I couldn't stop grinning at the sight of the swirling, whirling snow!

Last stop of the day....WalMart.  I was dreading it, but surprisingly, it was rather tame.  Got what I needed and came out to the nearly white out stage of the day.  Got to The Family Truckster...the Parking Lot angels were watching over me because I got a spot that was second from the door...woot...and noticed a little girl and her mother.   Both were all bundled up and carrying umbrellas.  Folks don't think about umbrellas or sunglasses when they think of snow, but I'm here to tell you that both are handy!  The little girl was bouncing and giggling.  Something made me think that this had to be her first snow.  So I asked her and her mama said that it was the first snow she would remember.  So cool!  So I wished her a "happy first snow" and went on my way.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who still understands the magic of a first snow.