We had company for supper the other night. A friend of Mr. Snark's...a gentleman that is funny and intelligent and witty.  We truly enjoy his company.  Was rather in a quandary about what to fix.  He's a single fellow, so I like to make sure that the meal is a little more special than the usual fare served up at Ye Olde House of Snark.  Settled on chicken-fried steak with gravy (What y'all that don't live in WayDownSouth need to understand is that the "with gravy" part of that phrase is almost redundant...there's no such think as chicken-fried steak WITHOUT's just not done.), rice and green beans.  A down-home kind of meal...hopefully not too simplistic to serve to an honored guest.

Lawd have mercy, child!  I'm not one to brag on my own cooking as a habit, but I'm here to tell you that was some more good (translation=beyond delicious)!  Everything AND the gravy came out just right.  Gravy making is an art and those of you who've never tried to make gravy from scratch will have no clue what that means.  Our friend was so gracious and complimentary and I was so pleased.  I'm always thankful for good conversation around the table....especially when the restraints of good conversation keep you from literally picking up your dinner plate and licking it!  Seriously, you know you're eating well when you physically have to war against you will to break with conventional table manners and get in touch with your inner cave-person! 

Our friend then decides that I should have my own show on the Food Network.  Hmmmmm.....really?  He's serious!  I'm incredulous!  They've got the compulsively perky-could wave in fighter jets with her hand gestures-girl next door...they've got the sugar sloppin'-Tammy Faye eyelash batting-Southern Belle-butter connoisseur.  I fall somewhere between the two of them...but nothing remarkable. Far less technique, education and experience than either one of them.  I thanked our friend for his kind and generous praise and laughed.  "THAT...THAT'S what you have!  You have the mom-thing know good, simple food and how to make people feel welcome and that laugh...that laugh!"  My laugh?  Really?  My laugh...nowhere NEAR being ladylike or mature sounding.  It's not delicate or restrained.  It's bawdy...very bar room/saloon sounding.  It's a bull in a china shop.  It's loud and obnoxious.  Oh, yes...I do giggle and snicker, but those of you most familiar with me can testify that the giggles and snickers are quickly overrun by a full out laughter stampede.  Not sure that's enough to make a good 30 minute show...but was overwhelmed by our friend's kindness and praise.

It's an intriguing thought....sharing my thoughts and recipes with the world.  But would folks want to listen to what I had to say...would they want to eat my food, cook it for themselves, their families and friends?  The opportunities something like this would flesh out would be AMAZING!  But would the trade off for the opportunities be risky...would they be undermining to who I our little family unit?  Life in the public eye is not for the spinal deficient.  You better have skin like an armoured truck, too!  I don't see myself making the leap from my kitchen to any of the sets on the Food Network, any time soon but it's kind of fun thinking about it....The Cackling Cook...what do you think?


  1. I think you need to be very careful about this kind of thing, and I can't give you the go-ahead...until I've tasted the goods myself. So, if you're up this way and I can be of service...:)


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