Mama-logue, Vol.2

"My Big Redneck Wedding."  "Toddlers and Tiaras."  "My Super Sweet 16."  "Outrageous Kids Parties."  "Teen Mom."  Anyone want to take a guess at what these shows have in common?  I'll just tell you, they slap aggravate the tar out of me!  Surely you can't be shocked by that admission.  You're not?  Oh, had me worried for a minute!  Anywhoo....these shows do NOTHING but spotlight and celebrate the unattractive side of human nature.  What is it that makes us so curious about the dark side of humanity?  What is so interesting about the showcasing of warped character and twisted morals?  I don't get it...but the producers of these shows have locked into something that is making them money, hand over fist. Understand that I am NOT a regular viewer of any of these shows, but have caught clips and portions as I flip through the channels trying to see what's on and yes, I'm probably seeing things out of context, but I don't think that you have to see an entire episode to understand the bottom line.

"My Big Redneck Wedding"....found on CMT.  Hosted by Tom Arnold...remember, back in the late 80's and early 90's he was married to Roseanne Barr?  Since then, he's had a string of failed marriages, which probably makes him a pretty good host for a show that makes a mockery of the marital union.  I have caught bits and pieces of this show and have been left absolutely slack jawed!  Evidently, heading to the courthouse or even up to Gatlinburg (Appalachia's version of Las far as quickie weddings go), is no longer an option for people who want to avoid all the trappings of a traditional church wedding.  Nope.  Weddings are taking place in the middle of cow pastures or mud-bogs after the bride and groom have met each other online WHILE BOTH MARRIED TO OTHER PEOPLE.  Brides are riding up on 4-wheelers wearing Ropers and camouflage dresses trimmed in Hunter's Vest Orange.  One bride even chose to accessorize her outfit by wearing her infant...yes, I said she WORE HER INFANT.  She had the child strapped to her body in one of those snuggi-carriers!  Bridesmaids in what might be better suited for the *ladies* who tend bar at such fine establishments as Hooters or Coyote Ugly.  I know that not every bride has the same taste (or in some cases, has ANY, at all!) and there's nothing wrong with putting your individual stamp on your wedding, but the couples on this show cross the line!  From what info I can gather from different statistical sites, the current divorce rate in the U.S. is about 36%...and that's just for first marriages.  The rate increases for each marriage after the first.  Wonder if the way we approach our weddings says anything about how we look at marriage?  Neither set of my grandparents had big weddings.  As far as I know, they stood in front of the preacher at his house and that was that.  Each of them were married more than fifty years.  Conversely, I have know people who have spent TONS of money on fancy, elaborate weddings and the marriage not last long enough for the bride's parents to pay all the bills!  I do think, though, that there is some correlation. 

"Toddlers and Tiaras" is on TLC.  The Learning Channel.  Now...just WHAT is it that I am supposed to learn from this program?  How to create a pint-sized monster?  How to force my dreams on my child?  How to teach my child to value things that are superficial and fleeting?  If that's the goal, they have achieved it nicely!  I'd like to slap some of the mothers...I really would.  I know, it's not a mature thing to threaten bodily violence against another adult.  It's not the Christian thing to do, either.  But I really don't think some of them know what they are doing!  I think some of these mothers have self confidence and self esteem issues that they are solving by putting their daughters into these pageants.  I don't think many of them are thinking about the big picture.  What chance does one of these little girls have in real life...if all she's been taught is that her outer beauty is the most important thing...if all she's been told is that winning is everything; if all she's heard is that she has to be better than everyone elses' best?  What happens when this outer beauty ages (and it will and not always gracefully)or is damaged?  You want to know what I think when I see this show, "Please sweet Jesus...don't let the Ys fall in love with one of these girls!" Maybe I ought to show up at one of these pageants handing out copies of Proverbs 31...and they could read about real beauty.

"My Super Sweet 16" and "Outrageous Kid Parties"...same concept, different age demographic, but the common denominators are over indulgent parents!  Don't get me wrong...I love a birthday party and have had a great time planning and hosting several fetes for the Ys, but nothing on the scale of these shindigs has ever happened and won't...not while there is breath in my body!  I'd like to know the good that could be done with the $36K parents have spent on the Sweet 16 parties!  $36K!  I didn't spend that much on my wedding....for $36K, Mr. Snark and I could have had a dozen weddings (and they wouldn't have been on MBRW, either)!  Money grows on trees...that the message this show sends.  I'd like to have one of those trees...or maybe a small orchard of them.  I'm sure the federal government would, too!

"Teen Mom."  I want to believe that the producers intended to show just how difficult it is to be a teen aged mother.  I want to believe that the producers wanted to help teen age girls and boys make wise decisions about having premarital sex. I can want to believe that until the cows come home. Wanting to believe it, doesn't make it real.  It's no different than wanting to believe the spoonful of homemade chocolate sauce I enjoyed last night is a good choice for dessert because it's homemade and not full of the same processed ingredients found in store bought chocolate sauce!  (BTW...the homemade chocolate sauce...TO DIE FOR!)  These girls and their boyfriends have made BAD choices and are rewarded for it by being put on TV.  Let's just call it what it is...premarital sex is a BAD's wrong.  Please don't start with the "safe sex" argument...the only SAFE sex is that between a husband and wife in a loving, committed, MONOGOMOUS MARRIAGE.  It was created for the bonding of husband and wife...not for the kicks of hormonal 16 year olds who change relationships like fashion trends! 

Give me reruns of "The Andy Griffith Show" or "The Cosby Show" any day!


  1. I'm with ya, girlfriend. I do not watch TV (partly because I can't figure out all those dumb remotes without Jamie or Jacob), but mostly because it's trash. Phil. 4:8...whatever is lovely...
    Oh, and please do not pull out Proverbs 31...that's tortuous everytime I read it and evaluate!!


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