The Girls

Shout out to my girls...all my girls!
Some of us have been tangled up since childhood
and despite time away and many miles, I still carry you
and the memories of days gone by in my heart.
Cue 'Jessie's Girl', play the soundtrack from Footlose...
pass the Rubik's Cube and the BIG can of hairspray!

Shout out to my girls...all my girls!
Here's to the college years.  We thought we were
SO mature (that's what we get for thinking)!  Triple on the
corner, desk dancing, Gord-o in the hammock, strange herbal
aromas from across the hall. 
Newly spread wings bumping as we each took flight.

Shout out to my girls...all my girls!
Way down South, where the sweet onions grow...just
slightly sweeter than the homegrown girls.  But not so much girls
anymore, are we?  Young women is more like it.
Young women just as warm as any summer day and just as
refreshing to my soul as the ever present glass of sweet tea.
Quickly gathering around my children like only aunties can do.
When I think of home, I think of you and I smile.

Shout out to my girls...all my girls!
Cybersisters, included!  We may never share
physical space but we have shared precious time.
No matter where I go,
you're always with state away and to both
ends of Canada....we make a fine display.

Shout out to my girls...all my girls!
Hollaback from The Village!
Jesus lives in that village and he shines through you.
You held my hand, our hands, when Death came to visit...
and even put clothes in my suitcase.
Time in the foothills was short, but intense...
kinda like me *smile*!

Shout out to my girls...all my girls!
Darlin's from Dixie's heart.  Allowing me in and helping
me find a small place in a big city. 
I never imagined this far from what seems
familiar but God's heart is vast and I'm glad to find
you here.

Shout out to my girls....
last but not least the family girls.
The ones who've known me longest,
and watched me grow.
Sharing the legacies of those who went before
us.  Laughter and tears shared over pots of
chicken and dumplings and chocolate fried pies.
The smells of sawdust from the shop and roses.
My name changed and with it came guitar music and
sweet harmony and the peals of little boys laughing.
And when the guitar was silenced, I drew so much
strength from you.  I found out about the girl...
the woman inside of me...because of you.

To my girls...all my girls...I love you.


  1. Murray and I enjoyed your visit today SO MUCH!
    So glad to be onto your blogspot! This is great!


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